Information for visitors

Look here what to take into consideration before arrival.

Adventuring at the Adventure Park does not require any specific skills or climbing experience, the activities are suitable for healthy people of all ability levels. Come on down and we’ll guide you forward and tell you how to use the equipment and move safely on the ropes course. Adventure Park Huikee is located in Yyteri, Pori, right by the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort.

Consider the following prior to arrival:

  • Bring weather-appropriate clothing – do not forget to bring gloves! We also sell climbing gloves (3 € per pair).
  • Wear stout and flat shoes.
  • Adventurers under the age of 10 can access the course only with an adult.
  • Children aged 11–13 must be accompanied by an adult, but may access the course independently.
  • The minimum age and height for children’s courses (green) are 6 years and 110 cm.
  • The minimum height for intermediate courses (blue) is 130 cm and the minimum height for advanced courses (black) is 150 cm.
  • The maximum weight limit for all courses is 120 kg.
  • We do not recommend rope climbing adventures during pregnancy. Access to the ropes course is not allowed after four months of pregnancy.
  • Access to the ropes course is strictly prohibited while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Note health restrictions* (find additional information below)

Instructions for adventurers

  • Go to the toilet before putting on the climbing and safety gear.
  • Empty your pockets and tie up long hair.
  • Smoking is prohibited while wearing the Adventure Park’s equipment.
  • Adventurers must complete a test course before adventuring independently.
  • When moving in the ropes course, always make sure you are attached to a safety wire.
  • Adventuring in the nature and trees may soil your clothes (resin) and cause scratches and bruises.
  • Start from the easier courses and proceed to the more challenging courses once you are certain you are ready and capable.
  • When moving in the course, only three (3) persons are allowed on the platforms at a time. Exercise elements can be accessed by one (1) person at a time.
  • You can slide down the zip-line only after the person before you has moved away from the landing platform.
  • When you are done adventuring, return your gear to the equipment return point.


Rules in PDF format

*) Health restrictions
If you have:

  • epilepsy
  • cardio-vascular disease
  • balance disorder
  • respiratory illness or disease
  • back trouble
  • undergone a surgery recently

...rope climbing is prohibited unless you can provide a permission from your doctor. If you are capable and you have your doctor’s permission to exercise, remember to discuss the matter with the Adventure Park staff before accessing the ropes course. We do not recommend rope climbing during pregnancy, and it is prohibited after four months of pregnancy.


Is it allowed to smoke in the Adventure Park?

Smoking is only allowed in marked areas and without the climbing equipment.

Can I enjoy my own packed lunch in the Adventure Park?

Enjoying your own packed lunch is allowed in the Adventure Park. Customer seating in Restaurant Dyyni and its terrace is primarily meant for the restaurant's clients.

Can I get refreshments and food from the Adventure Park?

You can get refreshments, sweets and food from Restaurant Dyyni.

Can I adventure if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately you cannot adventure if you are over 4 months pregnant.

Can I move directly to the ropes courses without going to the test course if I have been to another Adventure Park before? What if I have been in Adventure Park Huikee before?

Unfortunately it is not possible in either cases. There are differences between Adventure Parks and their safety equipment. We have to be sure in the test course that you have understood the functionality of safety equipment and rules of Adventure Park Huikee. We do the same thing everytime you go climbing even if you have adventured with us before.

Am I allowed to go to eat outside the Adventure Park in the middle of my adventure and then come back?

You can take breaks and dine in Restaurant Dyyni but you cannot leave the area. Validity of the adventure ticket ends when you hand over your equipment and leave the area of the Adventure Park Huikee.

Can I buy a ticket only to one course?

Tickets are always sold to the whole course according to the height. If you are over 110cm but under 130cm you can adventure in the Green courses (4pcs). If you are over 130cm you can adventure also in the Blue courses (4pcs). The Black course requires a good basic condition and a minimum height of 150cm.

To whom does the Black course is suitable for?

The Black course is suitable for adventurers in good condition. We recommend to skip the Black course if you are unsure of your own performance.

What is the difference between Easy (Green) and Intermediate (Blue) courses?

Easy courses are suitable for the whole family. Courses are built up to 1-5 meters altitude so it is good to test your own limits starting from the easier courses. Minimum height for the Green courses is 110cm. Blue courses are built up to 4-13 meters altitude. You can find enough challenge from the courses but also the very popular wire rope marathons. The Black course is for those with good condition and it clearly challenges more adventurers' physics. Minimum height for Blue courses is 130cm and for Black course 150cm.

How much time do I have to reserve for the rope adventure courses?

For the rope adventure courses we recommend to reserve at least 3 hours (including beginning guidance and test course, during rush hours you may have to need more time).

Can I use my own equipment?

In Adventure Park Huikee we adventure only with our park's own equipment.

Can I use a helmet camera?

Helmet cameras are allowed.

What is the minimum size of a group that you can open the Adventure Park outside its opening hours?

Minimum charge for opening the Adventure Park is 15 people ticket. In the Spring and Autumn there are a lot of different groups who come to the park so you should ask for a quote even if the group size is smaller: (not .com)

Is it possible to get a group discount if we come with bigger group?

When the group size is over 10 people we give you -10% group discount from the adventure tickets. If you buy bigger amount of freetickets in advance, ask for a quote! (not .com)