Rope course, Pumptrack and Fatbike.


The Adventure Park Huikee offers rentable fatbikes and guided fatbike safaris in the beautiful Yyteri surroundings. Fatbikes are designed for soft terrain. Their oversized tires allow riding on soft unstable terrain. The bikes can be rented for 2 hours, 4 hours or one day.


The track is oval shape and the equipment are included in the price of the ticket. The equipment options include: kick scooter, scooter with off-road tires, BMX bike and balance bike (for young children).

Free fall

Free fall means climbing up to 8 metres through 3 climbing obstacles and jumping down with a free fall device. Free-falling is a great way for adventurers to see what they’re really made of!


The Adventure Park Huikee is located in the immediate vicinity of Yyteri, the greatest beach in Northern Europe. Yyteri is a unique, nearly 6-kilometre-long beach in the West Coast of Finland. The Adventure Park is part of the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort which has high-quality villas, beach saunas and a restaurant.

The Adventure Park Huikee consists of ropeway adventures and related activities suitable for all ages. The approximately 2-kilometre-long ropes course is built across trees at the altitude of 1–13 metres. The course consists of 115 different challenges, and climbing, sliding and balancing between the trees while crossing various obstacles. The course offers a combination of challenge, fun and nature by providing challenges of different levels to the whole family in the beautiful surroundings of Yyteri.

Levels of difficulty

The ropes course has three levels of difficulty:

  1. Easy, courses 1–5 (Green)
    • The easy courses are 1.5–5 metres high and intended for adventurers of 110 cm or taller. The courses are suitable for sensitive and cautious climbers.
  2. Intermediate, courses 6–8 & 10–11 (Blue)
    • The intermediate courses are 5–10 metres high and intended for adventurers of 130 cm or taller. The courses require good physique and balance.
  3. Advanced, course 9 (Black)
    • The advanced course is 8–13 metres high and intended for adventurers of 150 cm or taller. The challenging course requires strong physique and balance.

See Ropes course maps to learn more about the courses.

The Adventure Park provides a magnificent setting for a family adventure or even a company retreat! See Groups to learn more.


The Adventure Park’s ropes courses have been built according to the requirements set out in standards SFS-EN 15567-1 and -2. TUV and ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) have carried out an independent Type A inspection. The Adventure Park has been type approved and granted a CE marking. Our employees have completed the official Adventure Park Instructor and Rescuer training offered by ERCA. We perform various inspections every year, including annual inspections and tree condition inspections.

Climbers wear full body harnesses and autolock carabiners. A rule-abiding customer is always attached to a safety wire, which ensures a safe adventure.

The fact that the adventures take place in nature sets certain restrictions, and as a result, the forest courses may have to be closed partly or completely from time to time. We do not refund or exchange purchased tickets.

Reasons for closing courses:
– Strong wind (10.8–13.8 m/s)
– Thunder

Ropes course maps

Would you like to know more about Huikee’s adventure courses?

You can find more information and the ropes course maps from the following link!

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